Double Yolk

October 25, 2010


I got a double yolk in my farm fresh egg this morning.  I feel like I’ve won the lottery!

The humble egg has gotten a bad rap.  If you eat the right kind…. an egg is a nutritional powerhouse.

What is the ‘right kind’?  FARM FRESH – straight from chickens who have been happily wandering around outside eating bugs and grasses from the EARTH (the things that chickens are SUPPOSED to eat!).

What’s the difference?

Here’s a nutritional breakdown that was listed on The information came from Mother Earth News (article at the bottom of this post).

*Note – Skagit Ranch is a local farm from where the author buys his eggs.  Conventional means the eggs you buy in the store that aren’t marked as ‘pastured’ or ‘cage free’.  Pastured means the hens are able to roam (how freely, I”m not sure).

Vitamin A:

  • Conventional: 487 IU
  • Pastured avg: 792 IU
  • Skagit Ranch: 1013 IU

Vitamin D:

  • Conventional: 34 IU
  • Pastured avg: 136 – 204 IU
  • Skagit Ranch: not determined

Vitamin E:

  • Conventional: 0.97 mg
  • Pastured avg: 3.73 mg
  • Skagit Ranch: 4.02 mg


  • Conventional: 10 mcg
  • Pastured avg: 79 mcg
  • Skagit Ranch: 100 mcg

Omega-3 fatty acids:

  • Conventional: 0.22 g
  • Pastured avg: 0.66 g
  • Skagit Ranch: 0.74 g

Mother Earth News offers more information in this article:

It’s worth the extra money…. you can spend 99 cents on a nutritionally ‘empty’ egg – or spend $3 and get a real bang for your buck.


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