The Altar of Oprah

October 25, 2010

I’m preparing to worship at the Altar of Oprah.

(and anyone who knows me knows that I’m kidding when I say worship… I just think it’s HILARIOUS that people think she’s trying to start her own religion or in any way compare herself to GOD.  Comical)

What I’m NOT kidding about is the Oprah part.  I’m going tomorrow to a taping of a show!

For years, I’ve said I’d love to go – but we all know how the universe works, you can say it all you want, intend for it to happen…. but Oprah doesn’t just CALL you and ask you to come, there needs to be some effort on our end.

So I went to the web-site, clicked on “Be on the show”, and looked for a topic that pertained to me.  “Are you a man in the Chicago area” (uh, no).  “Has Tyler Perry inspired you” (uh, no…I mean, he’s great to look at and he DOES give his friends convertible Bentleys….but not inspired).  “Are you a man who has been sexually abused” (nope).  “Are you having sex with someone you met on-line” (ummm, no).  “Are you a Debby Boone fan”   YES!  One of my earliest childhood memories is sitting in my room with my record player and a 45 of You Light Up My Life and playing it until I knew every WORD.  The song was popular in 1977 so I was 5 (going on 6).

I wrote into the web-site stating just what I just said…. next day, invitation to attend the Oprah show was in my in-box!

Stay tuned for the….. rest of the story…. as Paul Harvey would say.


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