Chalk Ink

October 27, 2010

I’ve always liked the ‘classic’ look of an old fashioned chalk board (something that you rarely find in a classroom anymore!).  Now you can use chalkboard paint to make ANYTHING into a chalkboard, from an old frame, to your bedroom wall, to your pantry door.  The only DOWNSIDE to a chalkboard is the chalk dust.

Well, here’s a great remedy – Chalk Ink.  I’ve been looking for this in stores FOREVER .  You could always get it on-line (if you wanted to wait and pay shipping)…  I found this at Michaels (with my 40% off coupon, I think it was $6).  It’s amazing – writes like a marker – washes off with a wet paper towel.

….and it looks aaaaaahhhhhhhhmmmmaaaaaahhhhhhhhzing.

Before I found REAL Chalk Ink, I bought some of those markers you use to write on your car window when your team goes to sectional…. (we always used shoe polish in the ’80s… but apparently, you can BUY a maker made JUST for windows now…. – of course you can….).

This is a $1.99 chalkboard from Goodwill that I used one of those markers on:

….now I want to go paint a wall with chalkboard paint….. good times.


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