CSA – Community Supported Agriculture

November 4, 2010

There is a nip in the air.

Our maple trees have shed most of their brilliant red leaves – and raking season is in full swing.

This also means that our CSA deliveries have come to an end.

What is CSA?  Community Supported Agriculture.

How does it work?

We (a group of families) give money to a farmer in the spring.

All summer long, we receive a ‘share’ of everything the farmer grows.

Advantage to the farmer:  Cash flow at the beginning of the growing season.

Advantage to the CSA Member:  Guaranteed fresh, local produce throughout the growing season.

I documented my CSA shares this year with a picture of every one of them.

I love how these go from green-and-leafy, to colorful-red-and-plump, to rooty-hard-and-storable.

You have some time to research a CSA in your area.  Go to Local Harvest and see if there is a CSA near you.  If there’s not, why not find a farmer who might be willing to try one next summer.


4 Responses to “CSA – Community Supported Agriculture”

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