Book Wreath

November 6, 2010

Would you buy this?


What if it was part of a charity auction?

Be honest.

I”m thinking I might be the only person in the world who loves these….


***UPDATE *** I think my picture sucks – here’s a better picture of the same kind of wreath – I think I just need to add some more layer on the inside….


3 Responses to “Book Wreath”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Regardless what we think, if you love it, put it in the auction! I think for people who love books, this would be a fun decoration. Way more creative than the traditional fake wreath with those old tired fake berries or presents. No offense other readers.

  2. Jmac Says:

    Like it quite a lot! The ONLY thing I would suggest is to maybe try to cover some of the hot glue that is around the center. How? not sure… maybe a wide ribbon or something? LOVE it, though, and think it’s perfect for the auction!

  3. Michelle Diamond Says:

    i love it!

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