Old Fashioned Snack

November 12, 2010

Do you remember when your grandparents used to make popcorn?

No microwave popcorn for them!  Check out this article to see some research on microwave popcorn.  It’s only a shame that they didn’t do this study BEFORE the majority of Americans exposed themselves to this product.

Never fear, popcorn lovers!  There is a healthy way to make this delicious snack.  It’s called the old fashioned way… on the stove top.

We now have a generation of people who don’t even know that you CAN pop popcorn on a stove top.  So if you have a glass lid for a nice sized pot, use it so your friends, family, and neighbors can SEE the magic happen!

You take one of these: 

Add a couple of  Tablespoons of this: 

Add 3 popcorn kernels and heat (with the lid on) until they pop – this tells you when your oil is hot enough.

Once your 3 kernels have popped, add about 1/3 cup (depending on the size of your pot) of this:

***Those are popcorn kernels…. like before they are popped… this is what is in that microwave popcorn bag along with all of those toxic chemicals***

PUT THE LID ON THE POT… and shake to coat all of the kernels with oil.

Wait for it………..

Wait for it……….

Now – you begin to hear popping sounds – and it becomes louder… and louder…and more muffled…  Keep the pot on the burner…. shaking occasionally – until you don’t hear anymore popping.

Now, QUICK, take the pot off of the burner and pour into a large bowl.

Top with melted butter and sea salt.


…your grandparents would be so proud.

NOTE:  If you’re not familiar with coconut oil, here and here are a couple of resources.


One Response to “Old Fashioned Snack”

  1. […] use coconut oil in a lot of things – I pop popcorn in it, I bake with it, I use it on dry […]

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