I feel like a tweener….

November 15, 2010

Remember when you outgrew the ‘kids section’ at JC Penney?  You weren’t quite old enough to shop in the women’s section – but the kid’s section was WAY too ‘little girlish’?

In my era, Garanimals were OUT,

…but Flashdance was a little too risque`…



That’s how I feel now – I’m  not 25 anymore – but I’m not 45, either…..

I don’t want to walk around acting like I’m cool wearing this:

…and yet, I’m not ready to succumb to this…

Ok, maybe the attitude, but NOT the outfit.

How long can I use the excuse “I just had a baby….” for the sad condition of my wardrobe?  (my youngest is 5 and a 1/2)

I need someone to take me shopping and show me what looks good for my age and almost-40-year-old body.

Where’s Carson Kressley when you need him?



2 Responses to “I feel like a tweener….”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’m making this recommendation without having seen you in, you know, 15 years or whatever but… Try J. Jill for laid-back, grown-up style. Not tragically hip, but definitely modern…and unless your work wardrobe needs to be button-up suits, you might find some dressier-yet-transitional options there.

    If nothing else, maybe that will give you some ideas? Good luck!

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