The Nonny Fairy

November 23, 2010

The Nonny Fairy came to our house last night….

5 years ago, Aunt Dee Dee gave this nonny to the J-Man

She also gave a nonny to the Libster…. a Pooh Bear nonny….  but she decided she wanted the nonny with the trucks, tractors, and diggers on it.

This nonny fits a twin sized bed.  It is BIG…. this did not prevent the Libster from carrying it EVERYWHERE.

We tried buying a new, SMALLER nonny (12″x12″… with a silky edge – WAY more portable).  It was in a Goodwill donation basket a LONG time ago.

We had Aunt Dee Dee have a NEW, more GIRLY nonny made.  It’s pink and purple and sparkly and has princesses on it. Lib still ‘liked the corners’ on her old nonny.

Well, the nonny got so ‘worn’ that mommy was afraid to wash it again.  (what happens when a twin sized blanket disintegrates in your washing machine?)

It was FILTHY – and is smelled like saliva and dirt.  It was time for the Nonny Fairy.

So last night, she came.  She took the old nonny….. Lib slept fine with the pink and purple princess nonny.

… AND the fairy left a Baby Zhu Zhu Pet and some candy.

But what was her FAVORITE thing about the Nonny Fairy’s gift?

“She knowed my name, Mommy!”

(If the Nonny Fairy had known that the tag on the bag would be her FAVORITE part, she would have just glittered a POSTER with her name on it….)


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