A colorful line-up

November 30, 2010

I always find something fun and interesting when I go to my childhood home for the holidays.  Banana clips, ginormous bows, curling irons of every width (did someone in my house really curl her bangs with a 1/4 inch curling iron…. Yes, yes, I believe someone did).

Thanksgiving weekend found me digging through 25 year old make up.

Look at the BEAUTIFUL collection of lipsticks I found!

DISCLAIMER:  I was a teenager in the ’80s.  NO ONE should have 2 tubes of iridescent PURPLE lipstick.

The one in the middle and the one on the far right are Madonna/Waitress red.  One of them was called Iced Mocha (and I remember buying TUBES of that brown, shiny stuff).  The one that just has a little nub left must have been a favorite,,, “Brandy”.  Finally, the only 2 untouched (the Clinique freebies) are the only colors I would wear today.  Must’ve been too ‘pale’ for 1989.

For the record, that IS a vintage Kaboodle holding all of my 25 year old make up.

Stay tuned for what I dig up at Christmas!


3 Responses to “A colorful line-up”

  1. Jayme Says:

    I am digging the kaboodle…noticed it right away. And for the record…I remember Iced Mocha !!!!!!!!

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