Poppppies….. popppppies…..

December 3, 2010


I hear a lot of people saying they have trouble sleeping.

Me, too.

Since having kids, I sleep with one eye open.

Oh, and my mind races.

I know this is hard to believe.

…and sometimes, I will wake up repeating RANDOM things….. like an annoying kid’s song or the name of an actress (who’s show I don’t even watch).  Once, when I was pregnant, I woke up saying “Mariska HargitayMariska Hargitay Mariska HargitayMariska Hargitay “.   NO I wasn’t dreaming about her…just saying her name because it was fun to say…. like Franciscooooooooo.

I’ve heard that people take melatonin to sleep – I’ve never tried it.

What I have tried are baked potatoes and valerian root.

Believe it or not, a small baked potato (or even a few bites of a baked potato) about 30 minutes b/f bed aids in sleep.  So do lots of other foods.

Here is a scientific explanation of foods that help you sleep from the Live Strong web-site.

If that’s a little too technical for you – here is a lady with a very thick New Yawrk accent who’s hawking a book explaining why certain foods help you sleep.

Sweet dreams….




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