The December Dilemma

December 4, 2010

The December Dilemma in the inter-faith circle is ‘how do you navigate Hanukkah AND Christmas’ if you are a family that chooses to celebrate both.

When Hanukkah doesn’t overlap Christmas (like this year – Hanukkah is at the beginning of the month and over well before December 25th), it is much easier.

We choose to celebrate both holidays – but separately.

For Hanukkah, we light the menorah, read the Hanukkah story, spin the dreidel, and EAT.

(a serious game of dreidel)

We fry as MUCH food as we can in the 8 days (purely to show respect for the holiday… not for ANY other reason 😉 )

(homemade donuts)

For Christmas, we open our advent calendar everyday.  (The fact that there is chocolate in the calendar helps us keep that task UP TO DATE.)  We go to Christmas Eve service at church.  We celebrate with friends.  Santa comes to our house.

The important thing is that WE make it work.  Creating family traditions is important for any family.  We just have more traditions to create…




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