Peace, Love, and Comparison

December 8, 2010

I don’t decorate for Christmas until the second week in December.  This is almost a full month AFTER many people decorated this year.  I saw a lot of people take down Jack O’ Lanterns and put up the holly and the ivy.

I wish I was one of those moms who bundled up the family and trekked out to the tree farm and hacked down the PERFECT Christmas tree.  …but I’m not.

Maybe it’s because I have no memories of going out to pick out a tree as a child.  A tree just magically appeared at our house.  Well, realistically, mom called dad and said “pick up a tree on your way home”.

OR maybe it’s because my children complain that they are cold when they have to walk to the bus-stop….that is at the END OF MY DRIVEWAY.

So the wee-one and I went out yesterday to pick out a tree.

Here she is among the rows of trees.

Actually, it went more like this – “show me where the marked down Douglas Firs are…I’ll take THAT one”.

Then, because they wouldn’t tie it to the top of the truck, we stuffed it in the back.
What kind of Christmas tree place DOESN’T tie the tree to the top of your car?

This one:

(don’t judge)

Then last night, we went out and looked at Christmas lights for our ‘family time’ to celebrate the 7th night of Hanukkah – that’s what inter-faith families do….

(turn up your volume so you can hear the music….and my children complaining)

Looks like love, peace, and happiness, right?

Here’s what was really going on in my car:

…good times…

Stay tuned for a picture of my decorated Lowes Christmas tree…  it has no less than 3 bends and curves in the trunk.  I’m surprised it doesn’t fall over in the stand.


2 Responses to “Peace, Love, and Comparison”

  1. Mary Says:

    There’s something wrong about country music with Christmas lights. Elvis is about as Tennessee as I can go.

  2. […] You may have read about how we chose our Christmas tree. […]

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