December 12, 2010

…..the magic of……

….a simple notebook…..

So, I was de-crapifying the J-Man’s room this week – need to get rid of some old crap so we have plenty of room for the new crap – and I came across a HUGE pile of his FAVORITE toys…..  Notebooks.

I know, call me a hippie, call me old fashioned… but when I flipped through these old relics, it was like a trip down memory lane.  The HOURS that he spent with these simple notebooks really touched me.


Here is the notebook collection (I had to take a picture of before I threw them away).  The back row shows a 3-ring binder with cheap loose leaf paper, school notebooks (10 cents, 1 cent, whatever – during Back to School Sales), little reporters notebook, homemade notebook from school (with a plastic binding), Primary Journal (these are awesome – room for drawings AND writing on same page), small journals, homemade notebooks from home (copy paper folded in half with a couple of staples).


Some of the priceless gems I found in these included:

Spiderman drawings and stories

Lists and lists and LISTS of Pokemon (that’s right, he copied ALL of the Pokemon names down – more than once)… I realize this is a little Rainman-ish.

Abc’s, 123’s, math.

They’re cheap, they’re portable, it could be HOURS of un-plugged fun…. the humble NOTEBOOK.



2 Responses to “BEHOLD….”

  1. Jeni Says:

    Dude, you cannot throw those away! Mags also has troves of these treasures. Put them in a tub and save them for him later. Those are too good to toss! Happy Birthday tomorrow. Gonna be a cold one!

  2. […] In my original post, I forgot to mention the J-man’s Gratitude Journal. […]

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