Mah Jongg, anyone?

December 21, 2010

The 25 year old eyeshadow will have to wait….

I spent some time cleaning out part of my parents’ basement last weekend.

I give you a circa 1920’s Mah Jongg Set.

My mom thought it was hers… but the book is copywritten in the 1920’s – so I think it might have been my Nana’s.  If I could do nicotine dating, I would…. but I think science has only perfected carbon dating.  These tiles have seen a LOT of cigarette smoke (especially if they were my Nana’s AND my mom’s ).

I have no idea how to play.  Do you?

I’m intrigued.

Speaking of smoke damage (and water damage), I also brought home these vintage puzzles (circa 1972).

With all of the floods that basement has seen, these are in relatively good shape.

Where do you find people who collect this stuff?

I hate to craft with it if it’s worth money…..

Stay tuned, I haven’t had time to read through my 1982 Young Miss magazines, yet.  I’m sure there’s something good in there!

….oh, and my stamp collection…  (oh, yes, I did).


7 Responses to “Mah Jongg, anyone?”

  1. Caryn Guba Says:

    Heather,on my last trip to Florida my mom taught my daughter and me how to play. She still plays a couple of times a week. I am looking forward to playing again when I see mom and her friends over Christmas. I will have a week of review lessons. It really is a complicated game and my 12 year old is better then I am right now. I would really like to keep the tradition going.

    • I”m sure my Jewish mother-in-law could teach me to play…. I think she’s probably the only person north of Florida who knows how to play 🙂 …. I’m adding it to the list of ‘things to learn’! I hope you keep your family tradition going!

  2. Michelle Diamond Says:

    Oooo…I love Mahjong and I remember those puzzles. I know we had them too!

  3. Carrie Says:

    You and Susan N’s “circa”. I LOVE it!! Keep the bloggin’ up. It is such good therapy and I love reading your posts. 🙂

  4. […] you’ll get another installment of “Crap from my parents’ basement” if I can dig up some other pictures to share from years past…although, pictures from my childhood  […]

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