$#!+ from my Parents’ Basement – Part 3

December 29, 2010

Sometimes I need to re-boot.

Spending a couple of hours in the car ALONE without Radio Disney usually does the trick.

I was at my parents’ house helping with a project I started last week and picking up some Family Tree info (more on that later).

This ‘project’ involved the basement (again)……

Here are a few things I unearthed:

The Medicine Cabinet – Zip (home waxing supplies), a 20 year old bottle of Midol, Baby Magic Powder (because you COULDN’T wash your hair everyday and expect to get the kind of height you needed in 1986 – so a few sprinkles of baby powder, some MORE Aqua net and you were on your way), No Ad After Sun Lotion, a 25 year old tube of BenGay, and (my personal favorite…. those of you who know me and my albino skin will laugh) Bain de Soleil (for that San Tropez tan….)

Please note that the Dark Tanning Oil in my medicine cabinet had NO SPF.


ONE of my leaf collections (don’t you all have leaf collections????)  That’s right, I collected stamps, rocks, AND leaves…

…don’t judge….


1985-86 Washington High School Basketball season ticket (that’s how we did it back in the day….. Old Skool)

….and the piece de resistance…. my box of NOTES from Jr. High…. including every note from my first boyfriend (which I will comically summarize someday….unless he Facebook Messages me that he’ll sue me if I do it…..  it’s equally damning to both of us… and – at age 39 – HYSTERICAL).

So if you EVER wrote me a note in the 7th or 8th grade and don’t want to be part of the fun, let me know (boys and girls alike….)


5 Responses to “$#!+ from my Parents’ Basement – Part 3”

  1. Spencer Says:

    “Notes”! I haven’t heard that word used in that context in a long time. Now that’s funny. It was all in how they were folded, I’m tellin’ ya.

  2. ann Says:

    I love how many memories we share. The only difference is I have already thrown away the evidence. Thanks for sharing.

  3. […] are a few (and if you are lucky, you’ll get another installment of “Crap from my parents’ basement” if I can dig up some other pictures to share […]

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