Simple Abundance – Get Set….

December 31, 2010

OK y’all – I haven’t heard about what YOU want from this ‘group read’ – so I’ll say this:  I just need some accountability partners so I actually stay on task.

I’ll promise to blog about S.A. occasionally – certainly, not daily….  but I’m gonna need your participation.  I’ll pose questions, offer assignments, give suggestions, etc.

By all means, let me know if you think of things, too!

Tell me (you can e-mail or Facebook me if you don’t want to comment on the blog for all to see – I’ll keep you anonymous if you wish) if something hits you in a good or bad way, if you’re touched by something or if there is just a quote that you particularly like.

If you want, feel free to read the introduction to the book today.  If you don’t get to it, don’t panic, it’s short and the first day’s reading is short, too.

I also wanted to point out that at the end of each month, there are a couple of pages called “Joyful Simplicities for January” (or February, or March, etc ).  You might want to browse through those throughout the month.  This is a list of things you might want to consider doing during that particular month.

When I first started reading this book, I’d forget those were there and then be disappointed that I had missed a learning or giving opportunity.


3 Responses to “Simple Abundance – Get Set….”

  1. Jeni Says:

    I have no expectations beyond the simple abundance of thought provoking conversations/readings! 🙂

  2. Leanne Says:

    I am reading along with you – this is my 2nd year of reading the book.

    Love Leanne

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