Back to life…

January 3, 2011

….back to reality…..

Now that the kiddies are back to school – here’ s how my day goes:







My question is:  How DO you working moms have time to do this kind of stuff?  (and if you tell me a cleaning lady, I will appreciate your honesty…. and will need to add that into my salary requirement when I go back to work!)


7 Responses to “Back to life…”

  1. First Laura Says:

    I do it by fits and starts…and sometimes, I’ll go on a whirlwind binge cleaning thing. I only *clean*-clean once a week (usually Saturday mornings…although I often have aspirations for Thursday nights so my weekend will be free…this rarely happens)…so my house isn’t always spotless and I do NOT recommend eating off the floors. Deep organizing is a weekend luxury that comes around far too infrequently.

    I also make the kiddo do his share of keeping things tidy. The backpack has a place. His shoes have a place. He can leave the downstairs playroom as disastrous as he wants, but the upstairs common areas stay kid-stuff-free.

    In a nutshell? You develop routines (and tolerance!) within the time you have…

    • Thanks, Laura – I appreciate your perspective. I, too, go on cleaning binges – I’ll clean clean clean and then just fall in a pile and let it all accumulate again! I worry that upon re-entering the workforce, I’ll spend my whole weekend cleaning 😦 I hope to put together those routines that you mentioned NOW so it’s more of a ‘tweak’ when mommy goes back to work and not a “what the hell are you thinking” moment!

    • Susan Clark Says:

      I like how you said routines and tolerance because I agree it does take both! I love to hear ideas that others use…ex. I read about making a shoe bucket using the cleaning bins with handles in the middle. When you enter the house (mainly kids) shoes go in the bucket, that way we know where they are and all the dirt stays there. When it gets too full I grab the handle, take it upstairs and deliver shoes to rooms. It has helped alot.

  2. Susan Clark Says:

    It looks great, how much are your services? I am just wondering how I can do it! It looks like you even moved your table to vacuum…I barely even get a chance to vacuum! I know, I know…it will all be over before I know it and to enjoy them while they are young! I agree, but a little cleanliness never hurt anyone! 🙂

    • I would come and help you clean and organize for FREE, Dudan. It’s way more fun to do someone else’s house! Send the hubby and kiddos away for a day and we can have AT IT! Check your calendar!

  3. Juli Says:

    To answer your question: yes, cleaning crew every other week…but they don’t do that stuff….and things have to be picked up for them, so it forces me to keep on top of things. It does allow me to spend the time I do have on organizational projects vs basic cleaning. Also, nothing is ever all done at once— I may get the pantry clean, but my closet is a mess or I get my laundry room straightened but my junk drawers are well, junkie! never-ending and constant!

  4. Alicia Says:

    Cleaning lady every other week. We used to spend all weekend cleaning and we decided time with the kids and major projects needed that time. It’s not as clean as either one of us would like but the goal for the future is to organize and simplify. It’s hard to clean surfaces you can’t see or find!

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