Roasted Tomato Soup

January 5, 2011

Remember a few months ago when it was 90 degrees and you had too many tomatoes to eat?

Me neither…..

….but I took pictures to prove to myself that this time did indeed occur.

Nothing brightens a cold January day like homemade Tomato Soup.

This one’s so easy, there really isn’t a recipe.

Simple, fresh, chemical free ingredients meet a blender.


Quarter all of your tomatoes (it doesn’t matter how many……)
Spread tomatoes over cookie sheet and roast until they’re mushy like this:

If you’re feelin’ sassy (or have an abundance), roast some garlic and onions WITH your tomatoes.

Once everything is good and squishy, put it all in a blender.  Add some salt and pepper….. a few leaves of fresh basil (I’m sure you had too much of that, too!)


Roasted Tomato Soup – Ready to eat….or to freeze and take out in January.


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