January 9, 2011

I showed you my tea collection last week….. I’ve been drinking  a lot of tea.

I give myself the gift of a nutritional cleanse twice a year – thus, no coffee – or wine.

I usually do these in January and July.

January because I’m coming off of the holidays and all of the goodies that they have to offer.

July because it is the height of wonderful, local vegetables.

There are lots of ways to do a cleanse.

You can go hardcore and buy nutritional supplements from a naturopath or other complementary medical practitioner.

OR you can just do ‘better’ than you are currently doing in some area.

Do you eat a lot of meat?  Go vegetarian or vegan for a couple of weeks.

Don’t drink enough water?  Make a commitment to drink 18 ounces before every meal.  Add some lemon juice to help cleanse the liver.

Drink coffee all day everyday?  Switch to decaf after your first cup in the morning, then ease into decaf everyday, then switch to tea for a week.

It’s not forever… it’s just a few weeks.

Me?  I do the Standard Process Purification Program.  …but I make it my own.  If I followed it to the letter, I would eat vegetables, lentils, and brown rice for 21 days.

I don’t do that…. I do vegetarian for a week.  Sometimes I’ll do vegan for a couple of days – or even raw for a couple of days.  After the first 7 days, I start to add meat back in.

…and all of the supplements, of course.  (up to 30 capsules a day)

This time around, I’m taking a lot of epsom salt baths and doing hot yoga (sweating out those toxins).

I always feel good after completing a cleanse; although I will admit that I do become obsessed with all of the things I CAN’T have….which confirms what I already know –  you should never cut any 1 thing out of your diet ‘forever’.


Stay tuned for lots of posts on baking with white flour and white sugar and butter and chocolate….. oh, and wine.


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