My Cave Over-floweth

January 11, 2011

So,,,,,,,, apparently, I’m a wine hoarder, too.

Not enough room in the wine ‘cave’ for my ‘collection’.

Looks like I”m drinking lots of wine after my cleanse!



4 Responses to “My Cave Over-floweth”

  1. Susan Clark Says:

    Well…when you are on a first name basis wih the owners of WineStyles I would expect nothing less! 🙂

  2. Tracy Says:

    I can help you with this problem.

    • I’d LOVE your help – you might notice that the ‘overflow’ bottles say The Zin on them. After you called me (while I was AT WineStyles), I scooped up a few. Let’s set a date…. my place or yours???

  3. Laura VanMetre Says:

    I’d hit all of that.

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