Stay Puft ain’t got nothin’ on these girls…

January 15, 2011

I love a good Farmer’s Market.

My great Midwest city is lucky to have a Winter Farmer’s Market….

I had never been… until today.

If you wonder if there is a winter market near you, check Local Harvest.

There’s not a lot growing in Indiana in January but the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market has plenty to see and  buy.

Yes – you can buy fresh produce (yes, in Indiana and in the winter!) – mostly greens – but you’d be surprised,,,, I saw cherry tomatoes today!

I could have eaten any number of delicious prepared foods – crepes, tamales, turkey, breakfast sandwiches…

….but my favorite find of the day was artisan marshmallows…

…that’s right, marshmallows… and YES — they were sampling them – lightly roasted over an open flame!

Oh Heavenly Father….  today, I am grateful for 240 Sweets and their delicious Salty Caramel Swirl Marshmallows.




3 Responses to “Stay Puft ain’t got nothin’ on these girls…”

  1. tlsbuy Says:

    LOOOOVE marshmallows, doesn’t matter if they are artisian or jet puffed. However, have to say the artisian’s are really cool. Almost made some over Christmas but got wrapped up making truffles and tons of other candies and cookies. Love the site! Your “Sister” Christian Sister” is one of my BFF’s
    😉 May give you a shout about blogging! TL

  2. […] don’t shop at the grocery store very often -usually opting for farmer’s markets, CSA, and a local meat/egg/milk farmer –  but if I do, here is a good flow chart that explains how […]

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