Spoiled Pooch

January 20, 2011

She was the one who found us 15 years ago when my husband brought her home after a bad day at work.

She’s the one about whom he said “I brought her home…. if you don’t like her, we can take her back”  (right)

She was the one who came to us with a bullet lodged near her spine, a bum eye, and a broken tail.

She’s the on we should have named “Lucky”… but we named her Annie (for Annie Get Your Gun — get it?  bullet in the back,,, Annie Get Your Gun…)

She’s the one who loved walks around The Point.

She’s the one who ate an entire pan of homemade baklava and proceeded to vomit all night.

She’s the one who waited in the bay window for mommy go come home for lunch.

She’s the one who always got car sick about 30 minutes from ANY destination.

She’s the one who kept daddy company when he went back to school.

She’s the one who went on the big adventure to Indy when change called.

She’s the one who learned how to use a doggy door at our first house and could be found out on the deck at 2 a.m. enjoying the evening air.

She’s the one who nursed mommy back to health after she left corporate America.

She’s the one that adapted to a new house AND a new baby within weeks of one another.

She’s the one who was so patient about not BEING the baby anymore.

She’s the one who rolled her eyes and took an even further backseat when we brought home ANOTHER baby.

She’s the one who put up with countless hours of “cuddling” and “loving” from her human siblings.

She’s the one who became very vocal in her old age, barking right in our faces while we ate.

She’s the one who couldn’t hear a thing but could smell us come in the door.

She’s the one we said goodbye to this morning.

She was the world’s greatest dog.

She’s the one we miss already.

*********Good thing we treasured every moment with her**********

This is a post from January…

This is our sweet dog, Annie.

She found us 14 and a half years ago.

We think she was 2 or 3 at the time that she came to us.

That means she is 16 or 17 years old.

Today I am grateful for enjoying every minute with her.

We love her even though she is spoiled and has become VERY rude in her old age (barking, begging, and practically eating off of our plates).

The picture above shows her in her cozy spot on this cold, snowy, January day.

The next picture is the long shot.

She is in a fort that one of the kids built.




Oh, and she’s the most patient dog in the world- see video below for proof!


One Response to “Spoiled Pooch”

  1. For the record, my love, your readers should know…….I found her!

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