My commitment to help the hunger problem

January 25, 2011

Here’s a game…

You’ve heard about these people who match their coupons up with sales and end up with an entire grocery cart FULL of food that they buy for $11.64, right?


I am NOT one of those people.  I don’t have the time or the patience – plus, my family doesn’t eat much pre-packaged, convenience foods.  (which are the foods that you GET coupons for)

I AM, however, a person who loves a challenge and likes to play the ‘let’s see if I can get groceries for free’ game.

So I”m going to set aside $10 per month to buy food for our local food pantry.  The challenge will be to see how MUCH stuff I can get for those $10.

If you’re interested in joining me – here are a couple of sites that match coupons with sales – or just give you good tips on how to use coupons to the most benefit.

If you have a favorite site for coupon match ups or just good information, please leave a comment so we can share.

Google “coupon match ups (and then the name of your town)”  to see if anyone does these for your area.

If coupons aren’t your thing, why not pick up a few boxes of pasta and some jars of sauce to take to your local food pantry.  It’s cheap and easy and you won’t even notice an extra $5 on your grocery bill!

…and with all of that good karma,  you might just catch one of these:


8 Responses to “My commitment to help the hunger problem”

  1. Susan Says:

    I love the idea of setting aside $10. for the food pantry. Thanks!
    Our kids get a small allowance that they divde equally between 3 piggy banks. One bank is for saving, one bank is for their own spending money and one bank is for charity. Every now and then we will empty the contents of their charity banks and use it to buy groceries for the food bank. I allow the kids to pick out the things to donate to the food bank (of course, I direct them toward the shelf foods that the food pantry requests). We look for foods that children like to eat and try to be mindful that many of the people who go to the food bank are families with kids just like my own. I encourage you to allow the kiddies to get involved in your charitable food bank donations. One day when my son was just 4 years old he told me that his favorite part of the day was taking food to people who are hungry. Just my 2-cents.

    • Love it!

      We do the same thing with our kids… the food pantry trip that I posted before this post was all about the kids. Even if they can just afford 2 jars of peanut butter, it’s better than nothing! AND it gets them in the habit.

  2. Michelle Diamond Says:

    Heather – I LOVE this idea. I’m with you and don’t take the time to do coupons, but doing it for the food pantry, I can do that…and feel like my time is justified. Thanks for this. I’m gonna share it with some of my friends who LOVE to “coupon”. Hugs!

  3. Susan Clark Says:

    Another great site for letting you know when sales are…where the coupons are and how much you save is And this site isn’t only for food, they give hints on sales, online deals and many other things to help the average family save some money!

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