Simple Abundance – What are you waiting for?

January 26, 2011

Throughout the month of January, Sarah Ban Breathnach has been encouraging us to stop waiting to live our lives.

We’re waiting until we get a better job.

We’re waiting until the kids get older/bigger/more independent/through this ‘phase’/out of the house.

We’re waiting until we get a bigger, better, more beautiful house.

Stop waiting – start doing.

For example, here’s an opportunity to start living.  There is a Simple Abundance get-together this Friday night.  We’ll talk about Simple Abundance among many other things….  and there will be eating…..and drinking.  If you’re local, I’d love to have you come, too!  If you’re NOT local, let me know if you’ll be around Friday night between 8 and 10p.m.  for a Skype call!

OR if you’re NOT local, why not find a friend that you’ve lost touch with and get together or call him/her?

Oh – and I’ve found a GREAT blog to help us along our Simple Abundance Journey.

Tracy @ is reading Simple Abundance this year, too.

Not only that, but she has a DAILY Simple Abundance post!  They’re short and sweet and to the point – and they’re great!  Check her out.


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