Ice… and not of the Vanilla variety.

February 1, 2011

I canNOT be the only Midwesterner singing this song….

We received about 3 hours of ice last night.

(from the WISH TV web-site)

…and now we’re bracing for several MORE hours if ice.

Now I’m singing this:

If you don’t hear from me for a few days, we’ve lost power and moved in with an unsuspecting neighbor with a generator!




2 Responses to “Ice… and not of the Vanilla variety.”

  1. Susan Clark Says:

    I am with you! And our fireplace doesn’t even work that well (gas and old and I don’t trust it) so we might also be knocking on some doors of houses where we see smoke coming out of the chimney! Keep yourself warm and safe!

    • We dodged the power-outage bullet…. we were out for about 45 minutes…. twice in the evening on Tuesday night… but no one froze and we had enough batteries for the white noise machines in the kids’ rooms!

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