One would think…

February 3, 2011



….that with 3 days of being homebound my house would be clean and organized.

….that my kids would be ready to go back to school.

….that everything would have a place and would be in said place.

Alas, this is not how my life works.

Over the past 3 days, I have been playing, entertaining, feeding, and cleaning up after the playing, entertaining, and feeding.

I DID get about 5 hours worth of work done on my family tree on

…and my husband re-worked his blog.

Check it out CSPIN HEALTHY.



2 Responses to “One would think…”

  1. Juli Says:

    So funny! Having the kids in the house all day for three days actually yields the exact opposite of organized, everything in its place, etc….Everyone has to get out of the house (except for you, that is) for that to happen!

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