Food Pantry Part Deux

February 28, 2011

You might remember my commitment to donating $10 of groceries/month to our local food pantry.

It all stemmed from a trip that our inter-faith religious school took to a food pantry – only to find bare shelves.

So, I’ve started playing the coupon game to see how much ‘stuff’ I can buy for $10.

This is my second haul.  I went over my budget a bit.  This bag o’ goodies set me back almost $6.


4 Responses to “Food Pantry Part Deux”

  1. Tim Says:

    You’re paying forward your motivation…our family has adopted a copycat of the Spinner program!

    • Awesome, Tim. I’m sure your church has a pantry – but if not Open Doors of Westfield is a local pantry. (9:30 a.m. until 12 noon Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 110 Jersey Street, Westfield, Indiana, (317) 896-5094.)

      Third Phase is another one (it is also a shelter)

      I’m so glad you’re inspired. Keep me posted on your progress!

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