JCS – Ash Wednesday and Lent

March 6, 2011

JCS discussed Ash Wednesday and Lent this week.

A big shout out to JWass for a great lesson and crafts.

Lent is a tough concept for the 5-7 year old crowd.  Typically, they can’t think beyond the next 5 minutes – so 40 days seems like a lifetime.

We learned about Ash Wednesday signifying the beginning of Lent.  We explained that many Christians go to church on Ash Wednesday and receive the sign of the cross in ashes on their foreheads kicking off Lent with an outward symbol of their religion.

JWass had a  great Lent Countdown/calendar to help as a daily reminder that we are still in the season of Lent.  Thanks to Catholic Icing for this great visual.

Finding something to sacrifice was tough.  Every member chose their own – some were as simple as 1 day without the DS – others were a little more sacrificial – like giving up a favorite  (NEW) WII game for 3 whole days.  (babysteps)

We’re realistic.    They are 5 and 7.   It’s hard enough for an adult to give up something for 40 days…  This works for us for now.

We finished the lesson by talking about using Lent as a time to focus on others.  We made prayer boards where we listed people we can pray for during Lent.  We were touched by some of the people that the kids chose.  …friends with chronic health conditions, grandparents (alive  and dead), our pets,  and Haiti.  (again… 5 and 7!)



2 Responses to “JCS – Ash Wednesday and Lent”

  1. Laura VanMetre Says:

    OH man…lent. I find it great giving up something that is very challenging. I’m no saint like you, who gave up coffee for a while (I think I could pull off a month but that might be pushing). This year, it’s swearing (shit) and chocolate (double shit).

    I will tell you I bought a small bag of chocolate chips a couple of weeks ago at the store with NO intention of using them to bake.

  2. […] and people dressed up as Jesus and his disciples) waiving their palms.  We talked about how Holy Thursday (the celebration of the Last Supper) was actually a Passover Seder – that Jesus and his […]

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