JCS – Purim

March 20, 2011

Oppression, Victory, and Food.

It’s time for another Jewish Holiday celebration at JCS.

Today we taught our little inter-faith angels about Purim.

Even though the book of Esther is in the old testament,  I don’t remember learning it in Sunday School.  Poor Esther got overshadowed by Noah, Jonah, Moses, and a whole lotta Jesus.

For my friends who are biblical scholars, here is the intro to the book of Esther from my favorite bible:

“The book of Esther deals with a momentous event that took place after the Persians had destroyed Babylon and while many Jews were still living in the land of their captivity.  The story concerns a Jewess named Esther who had become the wife of the Persian King Ahasuerus.  An evil advisor to the king, named Haman, sought the destruction of the Jews in order to gain control of their wealth, but Esther tactfully intervened and saved her people  from this fate.  Haman was executed, and after some civil strife things quieted down once more.  This remarkable deliverance of the Jews was celebrated by a feast named Purim and it remains to this day.”

For my friends who appreciate a more, ummmmmmmm,  modern story (and for the 5 and 7 year olds we taught today):

Go Esther!  Go Esther!

Purim festivals include kids dressed up in costumes (lots of Queen Esthers, King Ahasuerus, and a couple of Hamans).  When the story of Esther is being told,  attendees are encouraged to bring noisemakers and to make lots of noise (including loud “Boooooooooooo”s) every time Haman’s name is said.

Hamentashan is the symbolic food for the holiday.  It is a 3 pointed cookie that is symbolic of  Haman’s 3 pointed hat.

Our adorable Queen Esthers.


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