Passover & The Thistle & Shamrock

April 17, 2011


I baked with these little gems today.  They melted beautifully and tasted delicious.  I love how the package says ‘for baking, melting, and nibbling’.

Just call it how it is,,, they know most people are just eating these guys straight from the bag!

Listened to NPR.s The Thistle and Shamrock while cooking.  Love Holy Week in an inter faith household,,, a little Irish music with your brisket?


4 Responses to “Passover & The Thistle & Shamrock”

  1. I meant that to come from my…..double oy vey!

  2. Carrie Says:

    I’ve never used those. I love the review. 🙂 Happy Holy Week.

  3. Laura VanMetre Says:

    Way to throw what I gave up for lent in my face, hspin. I mean, don’t you know that EVERYONE has to cater to my every needs?!?!

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