June 30, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts (I know both of my readers are waiting with baited breathe…)

I’ve been on family vacay…

My family has vacationed at the same Tennessee state park since the late 1950’s.

I have memories of my grandparents in this same hotel, I remember them eating in the same dining room and sitting by the pool (which is new – but in the same location!)

Two years ago, we welcomed our 5th generation to enjoy a lazy, hot, low-key vacation in this same spot.

As I watched that 5th generation sleeping soundly on a boat ride, I had to wonder, how many babies have been rocked to sleep on the calm waters of Kentucky Lake.

Here are a few (and if you are lucky, you’ll get another installment of “Crap from my parents’ basement” if I can dig up some other pictures to share from years past…although, pictures from my childhood  ‘napping days’ might be on slides….)


6 Responses to “Rock-a-by-boaty”

  1. Amy Nichols Says:

    Oh….I’m super jealous now. Love the pictures! I saw Barry’s in the background…looks like you had a wonderful trip.

  2. Jen Myers Says:

    How sweet! What wonderful memories your family is making.

  3. mdbrobison Says:

    I LOVE this post. So sweet…..

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