September 6, 2011

I friggin’ love Freecycle.

It’s all kinds of good karma.

People listing things to give away or things that they need…and it’s all free.  Just come pick it up.

Here’s what I scored today:

Now, these may look like a bunch of dusty old boxes to you.

Until you see what is inside!


Beautiful jars.

Quart sized jars, pint sized jars, jelly jars, green jars, wide mouthed jars….

It’s so damn exciting!

These are some of my favorites.  Quart and  pint sized 1976 bi-centennial commemorative jars, a green Atlas jar, and a squatty, WIDE mouthed pint jar.
(is it sad that I get so excited about rare Mason jars?  Don’t answer that.)

…and look at these adorable Miracle Whip lids that came on 4 of my squatty jars!  Anyone remember when Miracle Whip was 99 cents?

All for free.


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