Ok, Ok,,,,

October 21, 2011

Since BOTH people who follow my blog have noted my absence over the last week, here’s a quicky post.

This will tell you how the last 6 months of my life have gone.

This picture has been on my desktop to post since the first of June!

The rest of the summer/early fall has been a blur.  SO here comes a series of posts on “$#!+ I’ve Learned During the Summer and Fall of 2011”

Lesson #1

Animal Crackers are a great gift – and worth the headache of making from scratch.

So, I’ve changed my Gift Giving Attitude this year – more on that later….

These are little gifts I gave to a few people at the end of the school year last year.

Whole Foods had these flavored lemonades on sale for $1…and I instantly thought “What a great gift that would make”  (plus it’s cheap!)

 I threw together animal crackers (yes, I went to Williams Sonoma and bought animal cracker cookie cutters when I saw this a couple of years ago!)  and packaged them together with a cute tag (Tip Junkie – has the BEST printables), and proceeded to have  a blast passing them out.

Gift giving is WAY more fun when it’s unexpected…don’tcha think?


3 Responses to “Ok, Ok,,,,”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Thanks for the post ;-). Loved the goodies! You’re a veeeeery thoughtful gal.

  2. Laura VanMetre Says:

    Me likey–and me want some.

  3. read this at Kohl’s and started looking for the cookie cutters… of course i know it is not Williams and Sonoma, but it was where i was at…
    as if i would/could ever make those…
    but your cookie gifts are ALWAYS amazing
    how do you ‘write’ the noise of clearing your throat?


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