$#!+ I’ve Learned During the Summer and Fall of 2011 – Part 2

October 31, 2011

This past summer, my sister was visiting for 6 weeks from Florida.  She used to live near me…until she took off and moved 14 hours away.

…up and took her adorable tow-headed kids and my free babysitting connection and moved her arss to Florida….

I’m not bitter…

Anyway, while she was ‘home’, she wanted to go to church to  hear one of our retiring minister’s last sermons.

A little background – our minister’s wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several months ago.  After an initial ‘moderate’ diagnosis, they returned to the doctor recently only to find that her cancer has metastasized and there was nothing else that can be done medically.*

His sermon was about how we, as Christians, are taught to pray that ‘Thy will be done’,,, to give it all up to God and be content with God’s will for us.

He went on to talk about the importance of letting God know our biggest hopes and dreams as well.

If we view God as our ‘father’, we should step back and think about how we, as parents, think about our children.  When you’re tucking your child in at night (or if you don’t have kids – think about when your parents tucked you in at night), we sometimes ask them what their wishes are, what their dreams are, what their wildest hopes are.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  What is your perfect day?  What do you dream about?

His personal prayer that morning – and that of a congregation of hundreds – was for miraculous healing for his wife.*

So, why don’t we let God (our father) know what OUR biggest hopes and dreams are?  While it is important to be content with God’s will, does it hurt to ASK for what we want?

The June 3rd entry of Simple Abundance (Yes, June 3rd – I told you I had a helluva summer) is all about this concept – asking for what you want.

I could paraphrase – but Sarah says it so beautifully:

“We want, we need, we desire, we yearn, but we don’t ask. Still our arms stay up in the air.  Longings cross our mind, but we don’t really commit ourselves.  We don’t lay it on the line.  We don’t ask because we are afraid sombondy will say ‘no’.  Who?  It doesn’t matter.  It could be Spirit, our spouse, or our supervisor.  But when wishful thinking doesn’t magically manifest what we want, we feel we’ve been denied.  So, in future, we choose not to ask, but continue to wish, existing in a constant state of deprivation.”

“Today, start asking.  You see a woman with a great haircut?  Ask where she got it…Ask for a riase.  Ask when the next sale will be.  Ask Spirit for a daily portion of grace.  Ask Divine Wisdom for operationg instructions.  Ask your guardian angel to manifset holy assistance.  While you’re at it, ask for a miracle.

Ask for what you need and want.  Ask to be taught the right questions.  Ask to be answered.  Ask for the Divine Plan of your life to unfold through joy.  Ask politely.  Ask with passion.  Ask with a grateful heart and you will be heard.

Just ask.”

What are YOU asking for?

*Our minister’s wife lost her battle with pancreatic cancer early this fall.  I know all congregants that heard the sermon that we heard that day took away a wonderful lesson.


One Response to “$#!+ I’ve Learned During the Summer and Fall of 2011 – Part 2”

  1. late to read this, yet perfect timing… i started asking, as you know, this year and well…. like taking the road less traveled, it has made all the difference in my life….
    xxxx’s and ooo’s
    and once again, if find myself saying thank you…

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