Scotland Lesson #2

July 7, 2012

Our country is young…. crazy young.

I didn’t exactly learn this lesson on THIS trip….

…but check out some of these castles and ruins.  500-600 years old. I remember our country’s bicentennial like it was yesterday.  (this could be because my mom dressed my sisters and me up in period 1776 costumes complete with bonnets….but I digress)

No, I didn’t LEARN that our country is crazy young on this trip – I was just reminded of this fact.

The first time this really hit home was 2001 when we were here:

A 2000 year old structure that is still being preserved.

We were in The Colosseum the same week that Market Square Arena was demolished.

Poof…. just like that….

A 27 year old building – demolished.  Disposable Construction…

27 years… hmmm.


2 Responses to “Scotland Lesson #2”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Love your pictures as always…great blog!

  2. Laura VanMetre Says:

    I love this! I totally agree about our young country. It really is amazing!

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