As if….

October 24, 2011

I needed something else to look for @ Goodwill…

Love this idea.



Ok, Ok,,,,

October 21, 2011

Since BOTH people who follow my blog have noted my absence over the last week, here’s a quicky post.

This will tell you how the last 6 months of my life have gone.

This picture has been on my desktop to post since the first of June!

The rest of the summer/early fall has been a blur.  SO here comes a series of posts on “$#!+ I’ve Learned During the Summer and Fall of 2011”

Lesson #1

Animal Crackers are a great gift – and worth the headache of making from scratch.

So, I’ve changed my Gift Giving Attitude this year – more on that later….

These are little gifts I gave to a few people at the end of the school year last year.

Whole Foods had these flavored lemonades on sale for $1…and I instantly thought “What a great gift that would make”  (plus it’s cheap!)

 I threw together animal crackers (yes, I went to Williams Sonoma and bought animal cracker cookie cutters when I saw this a couple of years ago!)  and packaged them together with a cute tag (Tip Junkie – has the BEST printables), and proceeded to have  a blast passing them out.

Gift giving is WAY more fun when it’s unexpected…don’tcha think?


September 6, 2011

I friggin’ love Freecycle.

It’s all kinds of good karma.

People listing things to give away or things that they need…and it’s all free.  Just come pick it up.

Here’s what I scored today:

Now, these may look like a bunch of dusty old boxes to you.

Until you see what is inside!


Beautiful jars.

Quart sized jars, pint sized jars, jelly jars, green jars, wide mouthed jars….

It’s so damn exciting!

These are some of my favorites.  Quart and  pint sized 1976 bi-centennial commemorative jars, a green Atlas jar, and a squatty, WIDE mouthed pint jar.
(is it sad that I get so excited about rare Mason jars?  Don’t answer that.)

…and look at these adorable Miracle Whip lids that came on 4 of my squatty jars!  Anyone remember when Miracle Whip was 99 cents?

All for free.

I love free produce….

It’s fresh and local…


…but what was I thinking taking almost 40 lbs!!!

Do you see that small silver bowl in the middle of the picture?  That’s how many grapes it takes to make 1 batch of grape jelly or jam.

I know what I”m doing for the next 48 hours!

If you love coconut oil, Amazon has a great deal on Nutiva right now. 108 ounces for $34.75 (if you do Subscribe and Save)

Check it out.

I use coconut oil in a lot of things – I pop popcorn in it, I bake with it, I use it on dry skin.

Check out benefits of coconut oil here.

If you want the scientific research, go here.

Thank you to HeavenlyHomemaker for alerting me to this deal!


March 15, 2011

Admit it.

There are places that you JUST don’t go due to the unknown.

We live in the world’s biggest melting pot – and we rarely branch out, explore, and embrace the different cultures that live among us.

I’m guilty of it, too.

What if they don’t speak English?

WHAT is that smell?

How will I know what to buy/order/eat?

Going to an ethnic restaurant is one thing.  Going to an international market is another.

Thanks to my friend, Carrie, I am now an Asia Mart ‘regular’.

We went a couple of weeks ago to get ingredients for Tom Yum Soup (more on that later).

This week, we went because Carrie wanted to make a video for her blog about going to an international market.

As a party of 7, on a busy Saturday, I think we did well.

I bought 2 packages of baos (steamed buns) – thank you Wow Bao in Chicago for my obsession – 1 package of glutinous rice balls (sounds intriguing, right -According to Carrie,  they sound better than they taste), 2 packages of Hi Chew and 2 marble drinks (candies and sodas for the kids that so patiently tagged along – because nothing says bribery like high fructose corn syrup) and a Chinese newspaper (so I can brush up on my Chinese — OK it’s for crafting).

Thanks, Carrie, for a fun adventure!

I DO like Hemp Body Butter.

I DO want to start a healthy-living-commune.

I DO enjoy yoga.

AND I DID just make my own laundry detergent!

1 bar Fels Naptha Soap
1 bar Ivory Soap
2 c Arm and Hammer Washing Soda (not baking soda, not laundry detergent,,, washing soda)

1 c Borax

Grate the bar soaps and mix all ingredients together.  Use 2 T/load of laundry.

Kum Bay Ya  and pass the granola.

***Ok, truth be told, I made my own dish-washing detergent, too***